Racial Discrimination Examples

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Register to read the introduction… Nationwide white people receive an average sentence of thirty three month while blacks received an average of thirty six months (Smith 41). Another example of disparity could be requiring a photo identification card to vote. Poor people who live in the inner city and do not drive probably do not have a drivers license and they may not have a bank account and therefore would have no other reason for a photo identification card. Homeless people would also have no address and probably no photo identification card. This would not be intentional discrimination, but it would be an example of disparity because it would discriminate against the poor or homeless even though this was not the intentional motive. Racial profiling could be an example of discrimination. Whenever airport security stops someone because they appear to be from the Middle East, this would be discrimination. When black people are stopped by traffic police officers more than white people, and especially if they percentage of black people stopped is a lot higher percentage than the black population in the area, that is an example of …show more content…
A police department may balk at hiring women. If the department is careful not to engage in sexual harassment, they can still make the precinct a very uncomfortable place for a woman to work. They can choose to give her the undesirable assignments and blame it on the fact that she is new and inexperienced. They can also be careful to recruit only men by appearing in places where men are the majority of the audience. I think when we think about disparity in the criminal justice system we think about things that wouldn't affect us. We think that if people who are employed are the people who get bond, then that is fine, because we are employed. We think that women who are in abusive relationships choose to be in these relationships. While there is no easy quick fix answer for either disparity or discrimination, we must continue to serve the best interest of the American people and to remember that people are supposed to be created equal and judged on their deeds or misdeeds, not on where they come from or who they love, or what God they

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