Racial Discrimination During The Great Depression Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird is the story of a young girl named Scout whose father is a lawyer defending a black man named Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a white woman. She lives in a small southern town that is shaken by the trial because the man could not have physically committed the crime. He is convicted anyway, and Scout learns a lesson about life in the South during the Great Depression. This book contains a lot of racial discrimination towards the blacks in the south during the 1900s. The Tom Robinson trial is a prime example of racial discrimination and an unfair biased trial. Another example of why there was so much racial discrimination back in the 1900s is because of the existence of Jim Crow Laws. Racial discrimination is different from the Great Depression time period in the 1900s to today’s world because of the Jim Crow laws.
In the 1900s, all southern states had some form of Jim Crow laws that made blacks separated from whites in any public places. This article states that in many places that blacks were segregated: “By 1915, blacks could not eat in the same restaurants, drink out of the same water fountains, watch movies in the same theaters, play in the same parks, or go to the same schools as whites” (“Racial”). This form of segregation of blacks and whites was due to the presence of different forms of Jim Crow laws in all southern states during the great depression time period in the 1900s.
Forms of racial discrimination are still present in today’s…

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