Racial Discrimination And The World Is Discriminatory Against Race

802 Words Nov 18th, 2015 4 Pages
One of the biggest issues in the world is discriminatory against race. The definition of discrimination is separating individuals by gender, language, and race. Discrimination is one of the main reasons why the world is divided in some areas. Racism has been spreading from generation to generation. However, some people have been trying to avoid prejudices, but discrimination has existed since the 1400s. Discrimination against race has infected individuals personal growth in religion, employment, and social society. Racial discrimination started in 1619 when Americans brought the first slave to Jamestown. Slavery was considered the cruelest thing someone can do to another human being. The racial discrimination was between white and black. The black people were considered as a property and they could not have last names. Racial discrimination caused separation between school education, work, social life, and living area amongst black and white. Black human beings were punished for having a different skin color. Racial discrimination gave power to certain individual color to have authority over dissimilar skin colors. Racial discrimination also caused separation amongst nations and cultures with diverse languages. As a result the world is still holding on to discrimination against different races. However, some people support discrimination against race. The reason people are for racial discrimination is to keep the generation of their own race. I…

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