Racial Discrimination And Desegregation And The Civil Rights Act

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Everyone talks about how African American rights have improved since desegregation and the Civil Rights Act with many Americans feeling that we are no longer troubled by the intolerance of the past. Yet, subtle forms of racism are more of a widespread problem than we would like to admit. Yet, most people in the U.S. do not see themselves as prejudiced. Americans of all nationalities are seen as getting along peacefully together with recent reports on the media of cities working to increase racial harmony and statistics of how many non-minorities have become friends with minorities. We have elected a president of color, adopted babies across races, married interracially and pledged that we would uphold Dr. King’s dream yet we continue to judge people by the color of their skin and not by their character alone. The civil rights movement was supposed to improve racial discrimination and desegregation was supposed to improve the lives of the nation’s African American population yet these factors still remain a significant problem today.
Overt racism like avoiding African Americans, moving from minority filled neighborhoods, and avoiding schools with large minority populations are some of the ways that we see an ongoing discrimination problem but it has become a backseat issue to more covert racism. We believed that our problems were solved in the 60’s during the civil rights movement when legal segregation was put to an end but all the affirmative action, multiculturalism,…

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