Racial Discrimination And Affirmative Action

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For years, affirmative action policies attempted to iterate the idea of racial discrimination by giving minority applicants a leg up in the admissions process. Nowadays, taking action to end racism is the challenge and responsibility of every single person in our society. The admissions process is very fickle, but it must be understood to make light of the situation. Recently, diversity and affirmative action have been a popular topic of conversation causing large debates to emerge: whether or not post-secondary institutions should remove the racial preferences already in place when admitting minorities. Many Americans today believe that affirmative action has led to positive social changes, yet it seems that even more students believe that …show more content…
Opposers argue that the use of affirmative action is to create opportunity and have a diverse community, even if that means that it will occur at the expense of more-qualified applicants. However, that would become a huge problem as there will be angry groups held against those who get in the easy way. Many Americans feel that the acceptance is given to minorities (less-qualified students) over more-qualified students and non minorities. When the minorities perform poorly in the colleges because they do not have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed, the result is to reinforce racial stereotypes, which in turn forms angry groups. According to the New York Times article “Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should,” Dan Slater states that “it’s the idea that affirmative action can harm those it’s supposed to help by placing them at schools in which they fall below the median level of ability and therefore have a tough time” (6). Since affirmative action has come to be viewed by students as placing under-qualified students into colleges, it reinforces the beliefs held by some that the majorities could not succeed on their own efforts. Thus, any minority who has the position of a non-minority is only there because of who he is and not because of what he can do and has

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