Racial Discrimination : A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essays

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In the early twentieth century, racial discrimination was extremely common in the south of the United States. Black people were separated from the white people due to the color of their skin. Schools were segregated as well as many other public facilities. A novel that provides a lens into racial discrimination is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. She goes into detail about how segregation affected the daily lives of people in the early nineteen hundreds. In the book, black people weren 't being treated equally and this is shown during the Tom Robinson trial as well as the segregated churches. Based on the analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird and research of America between nineteen hundred and nineteen fifty nine, two negative effects of race discrimination are that it breeds violence and creates divisiveness between the two races. One negative effect of race discrimination in the novel is that it breeds violence. A mob tries to lynch Tom Robinson. They arrive to the jail at nighttime prepared to kill unaware of Atticus or the kids being there. As Scout sees them, she thinks to herself “ I thought they must be cold-natured , as their sleeves unrolled and buttoned at the cuffs. […] They were sullen-looking, sleepy-eyed men who seemed unused to late hours” (Lee 153). The words cold-natured and sullen-looking represent characterization. Being cold-natured, the cold-hearted white men had no feelings toward the black people. They were also sullen-looking which could mean they…

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