Racial Differences Of The American Society Essay

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In the recent years the thought of the many types of ethnic race, culture, and different racial backgrounds never occurred to me, and I never thought about it until I took this class of Race and Ethics. The question I came up with is what role do racial differences play in the American society today. As you know our society is seen as a black and white circle where people live. In our society white privilege is basely how our nation is ran because whites can do whatever they want and receive better opportunities than blacks. Why, let’s just face it, it’s because of the color that we wear on our backs. Our race tells a lot and how we will live our lives especially from your background. Also whites can do things and not be judge for it and still can be seen as the person who did the right thing. Our nation makes it seem like America is just the best nation ever and everybody is equal but believe it or not blacks and whites aren’t equal. As I continue I think ethnically is how you identify yourself and the background you come from for example culture, and language is one. When it comes down to racial you can say this is known for the race you are or the discrimination that people use against one another. Also an example of this would be characteristic of how you look and how people judge you on your appererance. This is how I identify racially and ethnically in society and the perspectives I used. To be honest the degree I see this identity would be authentic instead of…

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