Racial Criminal Justice System Is Race Essay example

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Racial Criminal Justice System
Racism is the belief that all members of each race acquire characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish as being less than or superior to another race After slavery was abolished in 1865, Southern states, where more than 90 percent of black Americans lived, embraced criminal justice as a means of racial control. Discriminatory “Black Codes” led to the imprisonment of unprecedented numbers of black men, women, and children, who were returned to slavery-like conditions through forced labor and convict leasing systems that lasted well into the 20th century(Eji’s History of Racial Injustice Highlight). Many African Americans believed that since slavery was abolished, they would be completely free but what they did not know is that from that point on, they would be viewed as different or less superior and would also be racially discriminated.
In my research paper, I will talk about how the criminal justice system is race-based. My first key point is how because of racism, there’s a large number of incarcerated African Americans. Throughout history, African Americans have been viewed as “different” in the eyes of the criminal justice system and because of this, African Americans are criminalized and targeted because of their skin color. In my second key point, I will talk about crime records that have involved been involved in criminal injustices. Such cases include the Jordan Davis case and the…

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