Racial Bias Of The Criminal Justice Field Essay

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Racial Bias in Fourteen Steps
However, in discovering highly rated various research, we as researches have come across an article that has fourteen possible examples of racism in the criminal justice field. First, the United States created a harder punishment system which has created an upsurge of inmates in prisons and jails due to the upholding of drug wars. “According, to the Human Rights Watch in 2008, Caucasians and African American are similar in offenses that have been related to drugs such as sales and possessions”( Quigley,2015). Secondly, this has to do with getting pulled over and its results of various rates of Latinos and African American compared to Caucasians. This study happened to be taken place in California and New York City and it is displayed that these racial groups were three times more likely to be pulled over by an officer in the comparison to Caucasians individuals.
Thirdly, according to the Bureau of Justice, “African Americans are two in eleven times more likely to be arrested than Caucasians in the study conducted in 2009”(Quigley, 2015). “Fourthly, the author had explained that whites are more likely to be released from prisons when in the process of awaiting bail compared to black, which waited in prison for felony offenses up with 33 percent”( Quigley, 2015). Fifthly, public defenders as lawyer represent 80 percent of the population, which can positively be perused for racism. In continuation the sixth, has started an Equal Justice…

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