Racial Assimilation, By Richard Rodriguez, The Writer Of `` Blaxican And Other Reinvented Americans ``

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Assimilation means multiple groups become mixed by obtaining each other’s social and psychological characteristics, such as how waves of immigrants have been assimilated into the American culture. Richard Rodriguez, the writer of “Blaxican’s and Other Reinvented Americans” is telling the readers about mixing race in America and belongings of immigration. Cultural assimilation in Rodriguez’s view is the processes by groups of cultures that comes from different countries and speak different languages. Rodriguez points out that assimilation happened naturally over time. However, Americans have a conflicted and confused view of assimilation. Rodriguez mentions that Americans have often resisted assimilation, especially if it meant race mixing or cultural blending. He begins his speech by pointing out that race mixing cultures are all over America. However, by saying America has resisted assimilation, Rodriguez mentions, “Race mixture has not been a point of pride in America” (89). He explains that at this point Americans do not talk about the skin color or features, but they classifying them by food, language, and fashion. They talk about the cultures from different countries. They talk about what food they eat, and what language they speak. They want the new culture to follow their style of living. Therefore, Rodriguez thinks Americans prefer Canadian’s model assimilation.
In spite of this resistance to assimilation, Rodriguez believes that Americans actually prefer the…

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