Racial And Ethnic Groups At Titusville Essay example

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) Before coming to America, I knew that there were different racial and ethnic groups. I saw different ethnic groups at the central market and phone booths and at times, the kids played together as our parents argued or agreed on their transactions. Although I did not fully understand it, my father told me about Caucasians and what Americans proudly stood for. He told me that Americans were hard working, determine and that the Caucasians are always willing to help. I knew that Asians were business man because they owned almost all the businesses we went to. I was always taught about the other race or ethnic group, and I encountered my share of different groups just by living in Africa, New York, Maryland and now Philadelphia. However, I noticed that none of these encountered truly open my eyes to racism until I want to college at Titusville. My first year as a college, I was called a Negro by a group of white boys and at stores I was followed until I checked out. I started to notice the class differences between my white friends and black friends. Whites tended to make better grades; they tended to have more stuff, but back in Africa, America is described as the land of equality and back in Philadelphia my high school was majority black and Lantos. The few whites that attended seemed less privileged and approachable. My relationships with others race since then have been more defensive. I found myself questioning the neutrality of the approach: for example, is she…

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