Essay on Racial And Ethnic Characteristics Of The State Of Texas

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The community is located in South Arlington, zip code 76014. The community has a population of approximately 35,175 as compared to 379,577 in the city of Arlington, 20,851,820 in Texas state and in the United States (‘Texas Demographics’, n.d.). The median age of this community is 28 years while that of Texas is 34 years. The number of males in the community is approximately 16,936(48.1%) and females approximately 18,239 (51.9%) (Informatics, 2015). The gender distribution in the state of Texas is 49.6% males and 50.4% females while in the United States it’s 49.1% males and 50.9% females (‘Texas Demographics’, n.d.). There are approximately 5,181 married couples with children and 4,882 single-parent households (755 men, 4,127 women) in the community as compared to 56.5% married individuals and 43.5% in Texas (‘Texas Demographics’, n.d.).

2. Racial/Ethnic Characteristics: Remember compare objective data for your community with local (city), state, and national data.
The racial and ethnic is divided as follows in the community: White population is 8,619, Black population 8,580, American Indian population is 92, Asian is 3,679, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population 60, Hispanic or Latino population is 12,724, Two or more races population is 636, and some other races is 105 (Informatics, 2015).
In comparison, the race distribution in the city, states and national level is as follows:
• In the city of Arlington, the population of White alone is 165,637,…

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