Racial Achievement Gaps Of White Communities Essay

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Sophia, a sixteen-year-old student of Columbian decent, lives in the outskirts of a primarily white neighborhood. Her family cannot afford for her to have the books she needs for school. Since starting high school, Sophia’s grades have declined. Her parents cannot help her with her homework; English is their second language. On top of that, they do not have the money to have someone tutor her after school. Everyday, Sophia sees her classmates, mostly White students, with the most advanced technology, personal tutors, and plenty of books. She wonders when will she be able to enjoy such things. This example illustrates the ways in which privilege within white communities has created racial achievement gaps in education, thus giving White students with an abundance of educational and financial resources, a dominant position of success in society.
Because of the unequal distribution of wealth and cultural resources, privilege is a problem in the United States. People generally associate privilege with rich, White males but fail to realize that is it present in various forms of education. The problem of privilege started with roots in the days of segregation. White and Black people were separated in schools, jobs, and communities. It was not until the case of Brown v. Board of Education that Whites and Blacks could sit in the same classroom environment together. As a consequence, the United States courts stated that being separate but equal was unconstitutional. Therefore,…

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