Rachel Moran's Arguments On Prostitution

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On Prostitution
Prostitution is one of the most debated topics of our time. Sex workers believe that prostitution should be legal, and that its illegality has led to more violence and exploitation. Those against believe that legal prostitution would lead to more sex slavery andsexually transmitted diseases, as well as more of what prostitutes already face. The negative effects of criminalization, and the comparison of countries with limited legal prostitution policies proves that decriminalization is the best chor sex workers and their clients in america.
Sex workers have been stigmatized for almost all history. Prostitutes are considered immoral, dirty, and untrustworthy. They are often associated with drugs and gangs. Both women and men
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Sex workers argue that they are consenting adults willing to be paid for sex. There is a staggering difference between self-prostitution and sex slavery. Illegal prostitution puts sex workers further underground. It becomes infinitely more dangerous than before. It is easier for prostitutes to be controlled by pimps, whose only concern is profit. In her article, “Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal”, 2015, Rachel Moran argues against prostitution. Moran develops her argument by narrating her personal experiences as a prostitute and her exploitation in the sex industry in order to convince her audience that legalizing prostitution will lead to more teenage girls being used by pimps. Moran describes her experience as a prostitute as emotionally, physically, and mentally corrosive. She says that she was used and exploited , and used drugs to help her through that time Despite her experiences in the sex industry, Moran is convinced that decriminalization is the better alternative to legalization (1). Prostitution is merely a transaction between consenting adults. It is no different than any other transaction, like hiring an …show more content…
Both legalization and criminalization have not changed the way they live, so the United States should change its policies regarding sex work. Prostitution is one of the most complex issues of our time. The sex industry, despite its taboo nature, needs to be discussed more than it is. Prostitution needs to be understood differently from human trafficking. Decriminalizing prostitution and regulating it will protect sex workers. It will prevent human trafficking and dangerous pimps from exploiting people. Most importantly, it will discourage people from buying sex and let prostitutes get out of the sex industry should they wish

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