Essay about Race, Social Bonds And Juvenile Attitudes Toward Police

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Reaction Paper: Race, Social Bonds and Juvenile Attitudes Toward Police:
How Perceptions of Police Come About
In this paper I will argue the typology of theories used and whether the evidence is strong, adequate or inadequate. The authors of my article is trying to focus on the perceptions of adolescents about police. They manage to display a macro perspective within the article; the macro perspective allows the outside structures to shape an individual’s views and/ or opinions. It is apparent that the type of thinking the authors had throughout the article was consensual rather than conflictual. With both, the macro perspective and consensual thinking distinctly within the study, results in the typology theory of systems analysis. Moreover, the independent variables are the social bonds and race, whereas the dependent variable is predominantly their attitudes. Even though, research concerning juvenile perceptions of police are limited in comparison to research concerning adults, race and social bonds impact the attitudes of juveniles. This is due to the evidence that the authors focus on when discussing the importance of the consensual approach and the macro perspective.
In the case of race and social bonds impacting attitudes of juveniles, this because the authors focus on more of a macro perspective rather than micro. Micro is still present within but based on evidence shown I believe that macro is more prominent with the research/ study conducted by the author. As noted…

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