Race Relation And Unjust Legal System Essay

1003 Words Apr 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Race relation is always a problem in the society. Different people have different feelings or opinions about races. It is hard to have race equality in a society, but we can eliminate inequality among races. Legal system can be an issue when there are discriminations, everyone should be treated equally when they are facing the legal system. For example, if someone has to use the legal system to do something, he/she should be treated equally no matter what race he/she is. There should be no difference when different races ask the legal system for help. Comparing to the past, race relation and legal system get better and better. However, race relation and unjust legal system were big issues in the society in the 18th Century, the New York Conspiracy Trials showed that some groups of people became the scapegoat for something bad happened, and the legal system was being flawed, which would be unfair to some other groups of people. Therefore, there should be a fair and just legal system to make the society better and equal. According to the New York Conspiracy Trials, black people were arrested and executed for fires blazed in the city with limited proofs and testimonies. Some people thought that black arsonists tried to burn the city to murder all the white people. Slavery still existed in the 18th Century, slaves were treated badly, and they tried to revolt, however, they failed and got executed. There were little evidences to prove that the arsonists were black slaves, but a…

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