Race, Racial, And Ethnicity Essay

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When it comes to identifying myself, it 's very important for me to let know others that my race matter and it shouldn’t define me in a bad term. I still question myself about my race and where I come from. Every morning, I wake up looking back at the mirror and the first thing I see is my skin complexion. Although, race and ethnicity sound kind of similar, I’ve learned that race focus on appearance while ethnicity is more culture wise. Latinas are expected to have big heavy accent, big eyes, dark wavy hair, and they tend to have medium toned skin but in my case I have a fair white-brownish skin, small eyes and dark hair. I get question all the time about either my race/ethnicity whenever I’m meeting new people. People mainly mistake me as Asian just because I have small eye and my skin is in between light to dark. There is nothing wrong being Asian but I prefer if people would take consideration that my appearance shouldn’t be a problem.
Most of the time, I get confuse on what should I check in the box whenever an application is asking about my race. I feel like I don’t fit any of the description and the options are unfair to many others. The option in most application you would see is either white, black or other. There are days when I would make my make life just easier to check in white. Half of the other time when I do check in other I usually write in Latino. Because of my skin is not black as in dark but, I’m an american citizen with latin origin its easier for me…

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