Race, Racial, And Cultural Concept Of Race Essay

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What is race? Race is used in governmental offices and forms. An example would be during the yearly Census when Americans take note of a number of which races they belong to. Other definitions of the term “race” are added as when a biologist talks about different races of a particular species of plants or animals. Although, the meanings attached to the word “race” are different in contexts, people continually blur the differences between the meanings in every day conversations. There is a biological, and cultural concept of race. Currently, it is a matter of debate on whether or not the biological concept of race can actually be applied to modern humans. When anthropologists say that "race" is a cultural concept, it is actually used as a social construct that is used to classify human beings from different societies. In the cultural context, race is how society perceives the physical characteristics of people and their human structure. It is based on how a society views themselves and others. This is difference from biological taxonomy. An example of racial diversity could be how several Americans recognize Asians as one racial group, even though Asians perceive themselves as being a part of numerous separate groups. This makes classifying people easier by generalizing race. A vital tasks of anthropology is the examination of the biological and cultural variability that exists within humanity. Anthropologists focus on the customs of societies in different portions of…

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