Primacy Of Racism

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When it comes to living life you can either accept certain things exist or chose to complete ignore it especially if it cause discomfort or confusion. Some people choose to accept things exist and examine if others are willing to acknowledge it or be in denial wearing a mask to fit into society.

In the article Race, Talk, Opportunity Gaps, and Curriculum Shifts in (Teacher) Education by H Richard Milner, he delves into contentious topic of race as to whether it should be featured within a classroom setting, conducting a survey to get the perspective of teachers of different races. The author’s love for writing comes from his ELA teacher, which was the only subject where Richard could be himself. Because in other classes he had to conform
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An example of this would be how a male or female is treated due to having a disability. What makes this article unique is it researches a black middle class parents within the UK. The presumption to be middle class in the UK is to mainly be white, while blacks are perceived as working class people in a minoritized group. The research produced findings of black middle class parents having their children subjected to neglect or denial of the the racism they encountered in school. The school combatted this by attempting to make it seem children were special education students and even when that was the case, they didn't take the proper steps to enhance progressive learning for the students. The data indicated that in spite of the Black parents being within the social class of middle class, they still had to deal with the difficult obstacles of getting their children needs acknowledged and acted upon in schools. However when it comes to school, there is a willingness to act on more negative dis/ability. The author came up with three principles that he feels keeps racism alive such as empirical primacy, graphical primacy, and primacy of racism. The amount of unarmed people killed by police and not getting persecution is appalling, especially when it's on video. If it was a white unarmed person killed by a cop, that cop would be doing time. People need to stop denying racism does not exist, and at least try to understand where the oppress pain stems

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