Race Matters Everywhere And It Affects Everyone Essay example

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MicroCase Exercise #3
Race matters everywhere and it affects everyone. It can affect a person 's life chances, how an individual is viewed or interacted with, and how likely they are to obtain a job. Race is primarily a socially constructed group, in which individuals categorize others based on certain characteristics. From these constructed groups people base their opinions and judgements. In addition, individuals categorize others based on sex. For each sex there is expected behavior and norms for those in each group. There are also stereotypes that become tied to different races and sexes that become the lenses through which people perceive one another. Through everyday interaction, people use these stereotypes to categorize others they come in contact with. Through the functionalist theory I have chosen to investigate how social factors, such as race and sex, affect an individual’s family income.
To begin, I chose to investigate how a family’s income is affected by the respondent’s race. First, I noted what the percent was for those, both white and black, that had a high family income. Through MicroCase, I found that a white respondent had a percentile of 49.4. In contrast, a respondent who was black and also had a high family income was at 31.0%. Note that there is a considerable percentage difference. The whites were more likely to have a higher family income by 18.4%. Furthermore, I decided to compare these results with those of a family whose income was considered…

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