Race Is Socially Constructed By Race Essay example

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Many aspects of our lives are socially constructed. Our Society builds many things that people begin to render as true. One of these social construction is the development of race. Race is socially constructed not biological. Race is a socially constructed category of people who share biologically transmitted traits that member of society consider important. Race is a social thing not biological basis. Here is why.
Race is socially constructed and it was created based on people’s physical attributes. For example people are categorized on skin color, hair texture, facial feature and body shape. While race is based on peoples physically appearance. People’s physical appearance are adapted to the regions they live in. For example, people living in Africa developed darker pigment to be able to with stand the blazing sun. Whereas people in colder climates didn’t need as dark pigment so they were of a lighter skin tone. Therefore the fact that the physical appearance can be changed and altered means that race is not biological. Race is based on physical appearance, because there are not enough genetic difference between groups of people to say there are races of humans. To prove race isn’t a biological factor there was a study done a complete genomes from the different party of the world showed that between African and Europe there was not a single absolute genetic difference. Meaning that there was no single genetic where all Africans have one variant and all Europeans have…

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