Race Is A Social Construct Essay

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Race is a social construct which is normally discussed among us. Individuals who have influence over us such as politicians, television, movies, and books can change our belief system. Although there isn’t any genetic proof of Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, or any other race being more intelligent than the other, many people use the idea of race as a deciding factor of who to employ, associate with, or even marry. This plays a major role in the stereotyping process between different groups. This ideology can be taught by the media as well as your family. Race is frequently used to make a group of people feel superior to the other. This has influenced pop culture in a major way.
Stereotypes aren’t only in books and films, consumers have been given plenty of evidence (Dyer 353). Many people believe stereotypes are actually true. For example, most people believe African Americans love watermelon and fried chicken. Many people attempt to fit all people into their belief as to what is normal in society.
This showcases how powerful the media can be. According to Dyer, we can see the sum total of a person or individual which is complex, specific, and unique or we can see a person according to a logic that assumes a certain kind of person or individual performs a given role hence is a type (354). Dyer continues by stating, a conclusion we can reach is based on the realization that roles are related not just to thought, but to divisions in society, to groups that are in…

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