Essay on Race Is A Misconception That Affects Our Lives

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As both authors indirectly argue in their essay’s “Dyaspora” and “Crick, Crack,” race is a misconception that affects our lives the minute we are brought into the world. Furthermore, an effect of race is the desire to be accepted by the dominant culture. In Hyppolite’s story, the word “Dyaspora” is used to describe scattered people living in two worlds, their place of origin and their adopted land. Though there is great beauty in people from all across the world sharing the same roots and homelands, there is also a bulging flaw of the displacement and re-placement of peoples as seen in the forming of cultural diasporas. To illustrate, once one is removed from the context, culture, and location of their roots and are displaced in “melting pot” societies — they are subject to automatic disconnection from the dominant culture as well as their own culture(s). Considerably, peoples of the diaspora are subordinately forced to assimilate to the traditions and beliefs of the dominant culture. For example, in America the close-minded dominant groups in society view cultural acceptance through historical erasure, tactical mythologizing, and propagandizing which breeds “ignorance” in the minds of the subordinate. As a result, members of society become oblivious to institutional racism and colonization. A major example of this is seen in the color debate. Particularly in America, reality proves that one’s acceptance and appreciation as a contributing member of society is “skin…

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