Race, Ethnicity, And Nationality Essay

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After discussing, the one thing that I think connects us. It is a good time to move on from the interview to the comparative culture portion of the paper, I feel there is a lot that needs to be discussed. One major thing I noticed is that we both struggle a lot with our race, ethnicity, and nationality. The similarity comes in that we both seemed to have difficulty defining our actual ethnicity. For Louis he is struggling with being ‘American’ and Hispanic within that nationality. For me many times I do not know my own ethnicity. I mean I am white, but that is my race. My nationality is American is that my ethnicity or nationality. This leaves me asking what my ethnicity is. Is my ethnicity American I do not know. This is something I need to discover and something I need to help my students discover as a social studies teacher. It is going to be difficult for someone to operate as a person if he or she is not aware of his or her own race, ethnicity, and nationality. That is something I am going to need to discover for myself and learn how to help other discover it too. To help students like Louis and I who have difficult understanding their own identity.
Another cultural similarity that we share is our age. Not saying we are the same age, but we are both young individuals. I also can relate to the struggle of losing friends due to age, while my situation is slightly different when compared to Louis who lost friends when he was held back. I experienced the…

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