Race, Ethnicity, And Ethnicity Essay

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The society in which we live in today is quickly changing. This is happens because people share multicultural identities and factors like language and customs. This in turn allows people of different cultures to interact with each other. By either their race, ethnicity, or cultures depending who you are or where you come from. People really need to move from race mind-set and ethnicity to a unify culture mind-set. Race and ethnicity has a huge impact within our country. Since, Belize is full of different cultures and race. The way in which both race and ethnicity affects our Belizean society will be explored in this paper by showing the significant of race and ethnicity.
Race and Ethnicity The differences between race and ethnicity, will always exist, as humans constantly confuse these two terminologies on a regular basis. To break down the differences, according to Dennis O’Neil, “Ethnicity refers to selected cultural and sometimes physical characteristics used to classify people into groups or categories considered to be significantly different from others, and Race is a biological subspecies or variety of a species, consisting of a more or less distinct population with anatomical traits that distinguish it clearly from other race.” To tie them both together they share an ideology of common ancestry. However, to make the separation simpler: Race is physical and Ethnicity is cultural base. According to Frederick Barth a Social Anthropologist. (1969, Ethnic…

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