Race, Class And Stereotypes Essay

1865 Words Oct 17th, 2016 8 Pages
America is made up of many different types of people who live in a country. This society of people have different perspectives on what they think of America. Although everyone within the region have their own way of what they believe is important in their lives social assumptions affect their perspectives as well. America past history have shaped most of the issues that are currently happening in the society today. Race, class and stereotypes have an effect on the American culture values.
People tend to ignore the importance of how the separation of the ethnic groups that live in the United States. These issues develop unnecessary confusion among each citizen. In the society today race, class and stereotypes is a common factor of how people form ideas and perceptions even if it’s not true. Stereotypes is an ongoing problem that every person is guilty of although they might agree it’s just a joke and most of them are not accurate or not relate to everyone. For example; All black people like fried chicken and watermelon. This is not a realistic statement the reason being some black individual may be allergic to chicken and or watermelon, which makes the statement false.
America is considered a melting pot. The meaning of a ‘Melting pot” is a mixer of different substances mixed together to form one thing. This relate to America because there are many different ethnic backgrounds that live in the region. Unlike other countries where there is mostly one race of people, this a…

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