Race And The Application Process Essay

1063 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Going to college is one of the most important and difficult ways to get a job today. But sometimes getting into college might cause some issues. Recently college’s application process have been somewhat of a controversy. This is because of race being involved in the application process. I personally think race should not be important when getting into college. Why should your skin color determine if you can get into an institution or not? But others think it should because it makes society on campus diverse. Some might even say racism could play a part in the application process also. When race is involved in the application process it brings diversity, but it is not significant when education is the priority and it ruins equality. The college application process started to involve race and use that as a way to make them more diverse. They felt as bringing more diversity to their college would make potential students more comfortable to go there. But that’s not their main reason. Some colleges try to make their university diverse also to get money and support from the government. The government gives money and support to a university depending on the size and the students at the school. Diversity is just to bring different people with different backgrounds together. While the government has some rules and regulations that schools have to follow as of like the amount of students and type of students. Therefore diversity is innocent but still not right.

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