Race And The American History Essay

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In the span of the american history, race has affected and brought forth so much to this nation ever since the beginning. Race was and is still extremely important to american history. Not only did it bring cultural differences but also ethnicity into the states making America a wide range of different races. I myself do agree that race has played a central role in the history of the United States. Without the race equality in America, America would never be the same. Basically all of the different people from all these different countries bring over their culture making this country one of its own. In the beginning all of these different cultures such as the Spanish, French, Native Americans, English all fought over land that they believed was theirs. Because of the American Revolution and even the Spanish American War had helped actually bring us together as a new cultural country. Race is important to America just as grass is important for cattle. without is we as in America would not have the different ethnicities as we do today. Like for example we wouldn’t have a town in New York called Chinatown. Or the fact that we wouldn’t have some of the products like the IPhone because of the people in China. Basically without the different races in the United States, there would be so many things that we wouldn’t have or even know because of how race was back then. Ever since the second World War race relations was widely spread across the United States.…

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