Race And Race Relations : The Black Family, And The Media Essay

1274 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Race is something that is constantly shaped by individuals and is imprinted on American culture. It’s constantly apart of our everyday lives, especially being a person of color in America. The ideas about ones humanity, worth and value can and is graded by a single factor, race. This semester I have dug deep into topics such as whiteness, the attack on the black family, and the media and it has further helped my understandings on race relations in America and throughout its history. This class I have learned about the social constructs of race and who creating these ideals, also who holds the power when it comes to what we see and believe because of its divisive powers.
One topic that really struck me is the social construct of race and how easy it is to be manipulated. When talking about race, I am specifically referencing to the concept of whiteness and how even through laws “whiteness” is tested and affirmed. Race is a socially constructed concept; this means that whiteness is constructed. Before this class, I knew that race was a social construct but I thought it was constructed way before it actually was and I thought it was a more natural conception without the implications of hierarchy embedded in race. I also didn’t really understand the extent to how whiteness was constructed. I thought that whiteness was just a consequence of creating the other races, just thinking that it’s through ideologies and not through institutions, like the other races are. In the text we…

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