Race And Police Brutality

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History that is still affecting the world today.
Racism and how it still causes so many side effects to the world, and the people who reside in it. How though? Well, everyday we constantly profile everyone around us. Either it being their looks, actions, sex, and even race. It is sad to think how people can just judge someone just by the color of their skin. Though it seems we all may look different, we are all definitely one and the same! Many centires ago, we constantly fought with one another because of the color of our skin. I fear that this horrific judgement may never go away. It is really truly sad to see how people react to such silly things. We are all human, we share the same earth, and walk on the same land. If only we could overlook
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I read about one case that might bring a unsettling pain to your heart but proves my point on the subject. There have been many cases of young men shot and killed while being unarmed by our law enforcers, not all being different races like teh Ferguson event. I feel that this next inncident can be taken many ways, it doesn 't involve race, government, religion, or economic reasons. My opinion on this situation would definitely be the fear of how our over powerful weapons have advanced. We now have more powerful armory, that may be to blame. The intention of a gun was to stop those who bring harm, but I feel neither way ends or stops harm on one another. Insted I feel it draws it closer and causes many innocent lifes to be harmed. The fact that our police officers have been shooting unarmed victims is a very unsettling topic indeed. I read, one case a police shot a man that was wearing headphones. The police pulled the young man over at a local gas station yet as the man went to turn off his music, the police then shot and killed the unarmed man. It is still unknown why the police officer did this without warning, though there may be fear to blame. I also forgot to mention, the two men were the same color, but I they were different I am sure many would be taking this topic in a different

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