Race And Ethnicity : Racial Stigmas Essay

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Combining race and ethnicity to resolve racial stigmas, or ethnorace, does not disrupt the black/white binary. I believe the black/white binary is something that will always be present in America. People of different ethnicities and races, coalesced or not, will always be treated differently, whether it be because of their skin color, other physical features, cultural origin, or nativism.
Ethnorace is a term used for someone who has assimilated into a different society than their ancestry, in this case the American society, by being raised with American cultural values and a Christian religion. Despite their parents and ancestors’ race and ethnicity as African, Asian, Latino, etc., ethnorace allows this person to classify themselves as an American Christian. Their skin color or other physical appearances may lead someone to believe they are black, or another race, but with ethnorace, they are appropriately classified as what they really are and how they were raised by the combining of race and ethnicity to defuse racial stigmas. The black/white binary is the division of blacks and whites based on skin color, where Latinos, Asian Americans, or something else, are essentially ignored and placed in the category of “black” or “close to black.” This theory of two dominant racial groups has a descriptive and prescriptive version. The descriptive version makes a descriptive accusation about the basic nature of racism in America. This version looks at how racial groups and…

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