Race And Ethnicity And Race Essay

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Now lately the crucial focus of political debate in the United States is on the recent arrivals, especially those who come from Mexico, both my race and ethnicity have come into question. Both my ethnicity and race make a greater impact on my life experiences more negatively than positively. As a Hispanic/Latina, I have experienced a considerable amount of stereotyping, discrimination, and racism, especially if I am Mexican-American. The term Latinos is described as, “Persons whose national origins, or whose ancestors’ national origins, are in the countries of Latin America-that is, Mexico and much of the Caribbean, Central and South America” (Feagin, 209). Despite I was born here in the United States, I grew up most of my life back in Mexico for several reasons. Until I came back here seven years ago, I have been confronted by the issue that I have only been called a “Mexican” my entire life. The reason for this is that I generally spend speaking Spanish with my family, and translating for other people who do not speak English appropriately. Even though I am tall, light-skinned and soon-to-be-college-educated, I have met few people who would classify me as an Asian person for the way I am physically. When those people gradually comprehend the fact that I am Mexican-American, those individuals often tell me I do not even look like one. I constantly deduce that people do not believe the idea that I am Mexican-American for the reason that they have a different concept of how…

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