Race And Ethnicity : A Study By Rowland And Isaac Savage Essay

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Certain groups appear to be more prone to low HL. A study by Rowland and Isaac-Savage (2013) demonstrated disparity between wellness opportunities afforded different races and ethnic groups throughout the United States. Pilchner and Flanders (2014) write that low HL is more likely to be experienced by nonwhite racial groups, persons with fewer financial resources, individuals with lower levels of education, and non-English speaking individuals. Supporting the hypothesis that HL is vital to understanding the disease process, Mantwill, Monestel-UmaƱa, & Schulz (2015) set out to determine if health disparities occurred due to financial, economic, racial, ethnic, educational, and/or environmental differences. They studied 36 peer-reviewed journal articles to determine if there was a relationship between race, ethnicity, educational levels, social status, and lower levels of health literacy. Although minimal, Mantwill et al. noted that race and ethnicity did have an impact on HL. The authors noted that some of the differences that occurred regarding race and ethnicity could be attributed to varied methods of research and measurement standards. However, evidence was more concrete regarding individuals with fewer educational skills and those individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP), demonstrating that individuals who had a lower grasp of knowledge regarding health and disease processes were more likely to have lower HL (Mantwill et al., 2015). This was especially…

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