Race And Criminal Justice Draft Essay

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Race and Criminal Justice draft
The criminal justice system is involved in apprehending, prosecuting, and sentencing suspected or convicted criminals. Criminal justice is the process of finding criminals, and taking the proper steps to make sure they’re punished fairly. Which is why, the treatment disparity between people of different races is a major concern. Racial and ethnic profiling by police can cause minority groups who are already disadvantaged to be put in worst positions, where they are more likely to commit more crime. There is a difference in the process of apprehending, prosecuting, and sentencing individuals based on race and ethnicity.
The criminal justice system controls the entire process of apprehending and punishing criminal activity. The police are the ones that deal with situations and make arrest based on the laws of the state and country, but often some laws are not fair, or is not being enforced fairly. According to the Police Reform Organizing Project(PROP) the police in New York enforces quota-driven broken window policing; which they call “misguided and racially biased tactics”. Broken windows policing is similar to zero tolerance, the model focuses on the importance of stopping small offences in generating and sustaining more serious crime. In their report they give statistical evidence, and recounts of individuals that were affected by the broken windows policing. PROP tells a few stories about the actions of police officers apprehending…

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