Argumentative Essay On Rabbit Judging

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New to rural life, my family and I were adjusting to the quiet of the country. We lived in a new home my father built with a barn out back. I had my own room with heart printed wallpaper. I had a long bus ride to school on dirt roads instead of walking on a sidewalk through a cookie cutter neighborhood. This was my parents idea of the American dream, but it was my idea of going back in time. My parents wanted to enroll me in a 4-H club, but I had no idea what 4-H was. I reluctantly looked through the 4-H catalog and saw clubs for everything from cake decorating to caring for baby calves. 4-H seemed like activities for country bumpkins. For no particular reason I picked rabbit judging.

It turns out rabbit judging, something that should have given me a chance to be part of a team and gain confidence, instead gave me a life lesson in jealousy. After working hard to learn how to do rabbit judging, I still ended up snubbed for what I call beginner’s luck. In the beginning, however, I
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Although each rabbit judge competed individually, there was still a feeling of team spirit and support, especially for the best judgers in the club. An older girl named Jocelyn was clearly going to perform the best on the team. I was way too new and probably the youngest so I was sure no one was counting on me to contribute much to team anytime soon. When I attended my first fair, I did not plan to compete all, rather I planned to watch and observe with my focus on Jocelyn.

I had never seen a rabbit judging contest let alone competed in one. The very first contest I went to was the state fair, the biggest and most important fair in the rabbit judging season. To my horror, instead of quietly watching from the sidelines, I found myself getting ushered by my coach to a judging table and assigned a class of four rabbits to judge. My coach walked away and I was left

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