Rabbit Hole: Play Analysis

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In the production of our play, Rabbit Hole, my role was that of the Technical Director. In this role, I wrote out and controlled the lighting of the stage from the control room at the back of the auditorium.

I used differently coloured lights and various lighting positions to evoke different emotions from the audience. The choice of using the front lights to light up stage left and stage centre was to focus attention on the “living room” set in the play. Stage right was occasionally lit up whenever the character walked to the “kitchen” set, to bring the audience’s attention to this part of the action. Harsh white front lighting was used to clearly light up the actors faces, as well as to imitate the bright lighting in a house. When Jason and Becca discuss parallel universes, I opted to have the back curtain open, while dimming the lights that were focused on the “living room” to reveal blue
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In the past, when I watched a play, I always used to credit most of the effort to the actors and actresses on stage. However, I never realised the huge amount of effort done backstage to ensure that the play runs smoothly. From winding back the curtains in time, to controlling lighting that coordinates perfectly with the play, to the actors improvising for parts of the script they forgot, everyone needs to chip in and do their part. This PT has also made me realise how fun drama and theatre is. I used to believe that it was all about analysing the script, the reason why the playwright wrote it in such a way, but I realised that staging a play was so much more than this. We need lighting, sound, some actions and many other factors that are not included in the script. A lot of our play used improvisation, and taught me how personalised drama and theatre could be to different production

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