Feminism And Rauch Culture

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Rauch Culture and Feminism
Our media is over sexualized. People, or worse children, turn on a television and see half-naked models promoting alcohol or food. They see the playboy bunny logo on clothing worn by their peer or even grown adults. Raunch culture is what empowers women to act overly sexual and have a one-of-the-boys attitude. This is ruining the fight for gender equality by promoting sex, allowing women to lose respect, and the rise of unrealistic definition of beauty to young women. One effect is the promotion of sex in our media. Sex is used to be taboo. Now it is in our movies, music and television shows and most of it is inaccurate on the reality of how sex ¬¬¬-actually is. Billboards lining the sky with exposed models lackadaisically
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Women are called ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ for enjoying sex or having a number of partners over time; while men are called ‘Casanovas’ or ‘Romeo’ for the exact same circumstance. This gives the idea that it is okay to be called sluts, if it gives that person attention. Men think it is okay to cat-call and call out women on the streets, making them feel uncomfortable. They were taught that it is flattering for women, and that women should be happy for the compliment. Cat calls are one thing, but brief conversations with the expectation of a hook-up are a new level, as the reasoning behind asking these sexual questions to complete strangers on the street. Some advice to men is to approach women as if they are people, not babes, honeys, dime pieces, or boos. Levy witnesses and shows that it has led us to a place of limited choices The only alternative to enjoying porn is being ‘uncomfortable’ with and ‘embarrassed’ about your sexuality. Raunch culture, then, is no longer an entertainment option, it is a test of female uptightness (Levy). Women are told not to be ashamed of being promiscuous, that the number of sexual partners they 've had does not define their worth, that they are free to express themselves sexually; or women are hearing that raunch culture is bad, that they should never take that pole-dancing workout class, watch pornography, or have casual sex. Sex appeal is such a high …show more content…
The focus on body image has gone too far. This is the first generation to have a “Stupid Girl” persona, someone who plays stupid to get attention or whatever they want. “They push for girls to be intellectually sound, and also participate in these gaudy showings of sexual expertise. Yale, one of the nation 's top universities, hosts a regular 'Sex Week ', where students are taught how to lap dance and learn about sex work from porn stars” (Funk). Also, the increase of body modification such as plastic surgery, liposuctions, tattoos and piercings, the list goes on for eons. People cannot find a way to be happy with themselves; they get bored and change their hair a random color every month. They will do whatever they can to change themselves, including eating disorders. People commit desperate acts. And so, under this situation, where these women are always on the cliff edge to such self-destructive activities, where their very existence within society is always teetering, they will look to raunch culture as a way of easing their pain. Young women and even worse, little girls see these women changing their bodies; they will think that they are not beautiful. Little girls will think wearing crop tops and ‘booty’ shorts is a good fashion

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