RCS Air Sampler Case Study

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RCS Air Sampler: Start time 950am and Stop time 952am
1. Answer the questions below.
2. As this information will all have to be reviewed by your Supervisor, ensure to submit all documentation related to your sampling strategy and sampling records, along with the answers to the questions below.
1. List the real-time airborne concentration ranges of the items below that you gathered from your sampling, and describe how the measurements compare against the standards described in the “Indoor Air Quality Toolkit” section 4. (10 marks)
a. Carbon Dioxide_____738 ppm____ (standard: less than 800 ppm)
b. Carbon Monoxide_______0 ppm___ (standard: less than 5 ppm)
c. Particulates (total and ultrafine) _Total particulate (floor: 0.072 mg/m3, breathing zone: 0.057 mg/m3), ultrafine particulate (floor: 0.0157 mg/m3, breathing zone: 0.0212 mg/m3) __ (standard: 0.1 mg/m3 total dust/ total
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3. Based on the results of the employee interview did you notice any common trends in the types of symptoms the employee experiences related to the time of day that they occur? Do they correlate with the measurements you took in question 1, why or why not? (5 marks)
The employee complained of stuffiness, headache, and allergy symptoms towards the end of the day and at noon. The symptoms also appeared to get better when not at work (during the weekends). There was a slightly elevated ultra-fine particulate count of 0.0182mg/m3 at the breathing zone of the worker. It is likely that the particulate level could increase during the course of the day as activities in the office increases and peaks around noon.
We noticed a rise in the total and ultra-fine particulate levels as the employee walked around the office space. The employee also mentioned that she could see some particles moving around when students were in the office. Ultra-fine particles are respirable and may be the cause of some of the reported symptoms at noon and towards the end of the

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