Essay about R Maine 's Corporate Mission

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Introduction Emera Maine’s corporate mission is “To make electricity more acceptable, more available, and more affordable to more people in more situations then the day before, resulting in greater value for the shareholder” (Emera Maine corporate mission, n.d.). Emera Maine’s vision is “To be a progressive energy leader in our region in advancing solutions that improve the lives of our customers and community. Electricity will be the preferred source of energy” (Emera Maine corporate mission, n.d.). To help meet the corporate mission and vision Emera Maine leverages Smart Grid technology including automated metering and the meter data management system (MDM). Additionally, Emera Maine offers customers educational information related to energy efficiency and electric cars, as well as an online program referred to as PowerSmart Maine, which assists customers with tracking and managing their usage, and in 2013 a heat pump pilot program was offered (Emera Maine energy solutions, n.d.). The programs and technology Emera Maine utilizes affords them a competitive advantage in the electric industry. It is important for Emera Maine to have a succession plan, training practices and an employee development program that prepares employees to support Emera Maine’s strategic goals and objectives, and grows the business. Noe (2013) explains that training is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Caplan (2013) explains that the world has changed; the areas…

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