R Inc.: Case Study: Loren Inc. Case

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Register to read the introduction… Wallance, sales representative of Michigan chemical, Brent was informed that they will be represented by their distributor in Canada Carter Chemicals Ltd. Michigan chemicals has supplied close to 99% of its commitment to the Loren US, and had a good reputation with them. Brent told MR. Wallance that the current suppliers held the advantage and they will need to offer better value in order for Loren to consider them. Their quoted price was 1268 $ per ton. Mr Alder, sales representative of Canchem brought the quotation from his company in person and presented term to Brent. They have offered the same price as what Lo ren is currently paying for delivered Canchem material(1384). Brent was disappointed by this and said he was expecting a more aggressive quote. Two representatives from Amchen chemical (American supplier) delivered their quotation, and presented it to Brent. They have just recently expnded their plant, and had the ability to Loren’s requirements. Their quote was 1204 per ton, which was dependent on the specific volume allocated to Amchen, and it was lower for the higher annual

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