Redistribution Of Wealth Analysis

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Against Redistribution of Wealth
In my paper I will be discussing and critiquing an article by R. Whitley Danforth, III called Against Redistribution of Wealth. The redistribution of wealth is the transfer of money from others such as wealthier people to poorer people by taxing wealthy and other means of transforming income. Danforth 's argument is against the morality of the redistribution of wealth and its fairness towards citizens . Danforth states three different arguments against the redistribution of wealth, the Earnings Argument, the Motivations Argument, and the Free Rider Argument. Danforth has an unfavorable view is towards the Redistribution of wealth , he argues that the government should not intervene with people 's personal money
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A person who has accumulated their mass of money through a legal and right manner, whether worked for or inherited, is entitled to all their money and should not have to give a dime of their to money anyone or the government. No one has the right to take the money away and spend it. His argument is strongly against the government and that its citizens owe nothing to them. He argues that it is a morally wrong act to demand citizens to pay taxes when someone works very hard for their earned money. Danforth views taxation of citizens as a violation of rights of ownership. Danforth’s main argument is that the government shouldn 't interfere with people 's right to their …show more content…
Danforth states that he doesn 't think that people owe the government anything and the government shouldn 't be allowed to demand money from them. Well in some cases, not all cases, the government plays a vital part in persons career. The government can help set people with up with banks loans that could ultimately help the person start their own business and have their own financial success. The government can also help provide people with there jobs, there are numerous state, federal, and law jobs that are provided to individuals. According to the website more than 16 percent of the United States population has employment through government jobs. I think that if the government can help provide work for a willing individual they can have the right to demand a little money to help support the

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