Roethm Case Study

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1.0 RÖHM
• German chucking tool manufacturer
• founded in 1909 by Heinrich Röhm
• headquarters in Sontheim/Brenz Germany
• Key people: Dr.-Ing. Michael Fried, CEO
• range of products includes drill chucks, live centers, face drivers, lathe chucks and independent chucks as well as vices, gripping technology, power chuck technology, mandrels and tool clamping systems
• currently counts approximately 1500 employees
• company’s products offer solutions especially for the automobile industry, engineering, the energy sector, rail vehicles and aerospace
• from 1950s until 2010, they also manufactured a line of inexpensive firearms under the Röhm Gesellschaft (RG) division but was sold to Umarex in 2010
2.0 Mission
• Innovation, technology, precision
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Therefore, for the first time, a company produced precision tools in mass production and RÖHM was said to be the most modern and efficient factory of its industry.
• In the mid-1950s, RÖHM invested into the field of power chuck technology and allowed further growth.
• Foreign distribution and service establishments in England (1959), Denmark, Brazil, Switzerland (1960), Italy (1969), the USA (1978), France (1979) and Spain (1985) were founded.
• In 1980 the RÖHM site in St. Georgen was founded, especially for the field of clamping mandrels.
• Since 1995, the RÖHM group has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. There was further internationalization.
• The foundations of RÖHM Slovakia, RÖHM India and RÖHM WEIDA Machinery China (Joint Venture) took place in 2007.
• Today RÖHM employs 1500 people. The company has an export share of approximately fifty percent in its German production.
4.0 Sites
• Sontheim
 Sontheim is where RÖHM's main factory is located.
 The highly modern 41,000 m2 manufacturing facilities offer optimum
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 This location is ideal for a company relying on perfect product quality as well as maximum flexibility.
 Region around Sontheim offers another key basis for the success of company: it is rich in quality awareness and motivated employees with the result that they are ideally prepared for the challenges of future.

• St. Georgen
 St. Georgen site is a small, yet accomplished high-tech forge.
 In addition to standard clamping mandrels, this is where tailor-made solutions are developed for a wide range of different requirements.
 RÖHM retains mechanical or power-operated mandrels, sliding jaw mandrels and hydraulic mandrels for its customers for clamping workpieces in drill holes or inner contours.

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