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Register to read the introduction… 79) asserts that “managers who can get their subordinates to commit to new goals, programs, policies, and procedures may stand a better chance of having critical business activities successfully implemented.” Jaros (2010) asserts “the commitment to change (C2C) literature has arguably reached a critical mass… but such that a qualitative assessment of important studies and findings might be helpful to researchers” (p. 80). Paraphrases. Recommendations focus on establishing construct validity, measurement improvement, and development of a theoretical framework for how a C2C atmosphere evolves (Jaros, 2010, p. 80). Ultimately, a commitment to change strives to reflect an environment in which employees are not only made aware of a change, but also have the skills, the necessary empowerment, as well as the proper motivation to share the vision of the change in question (Jaros, 2010, p. 81). Implications of found results which are lastly discussed serve to provide recommendations for future research in the C2C area (Jaros, 2010, p. 80).
Evaluation of
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Format text taken from the article using an ellipsis 1. Apply appropriate APA guidelines a. shorten quotes by removing extra information, use ellipsis points (...) to indicate omitted text b. three ellipsis points indicates an in-sentence ellipsis, and four points for an ellipsis between two sentences (APA, p. 173)
III. Prepare 3 Paraphrases A. Make reference to the author and year of publication in the in-text reference B. APA guidelines do not require but encourage writers to provide the page number (OWL, 2010, Citation basics section, para. 6)

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