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Anyone reading To Kill a Mockingbird knows what an evolutionary feeling you get when you read through each page. Harper lee does a great job showing this with every detail within the text. But some may not know the importance of this novel towards its readers as well to our academics. In the small town of maycomb, alabama the center of the story are the finches. A family of a son, Jem, a daughter, Scout or Jean Louise and the father Atticus Finch. To kill a mockingbird should continue to be taught in our schools for its literary and personal influence and significance.

First, To Kill a Mockingbird should continue to be taught in schools because of the senseful quotes atticus presents to the reader. We can see this when atticus gives
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For example, Jem and Dill were standing under a light pole. Pondering the radley house. When jem tells Dill. “sort of like making a turtle come out of its shell. Hows that? Said dill. Strike a match under him.” “I told jem if he set fire to the radley house I’d tell atticus on him.” (17) this example supports the claim because of the symbolism present in the text. We can be sure of that when jem says the quote and scout simplifies what jem said for the reader at the end of the paragraph. When you read and come across one of many of this symbolism and having to think about what they said and finding out what they said after you continue to read. Another example that supports the claim is when scout is contemplating with atticus about ms. caroline telling her atticus is to stop reading to her. Than atticus says. “You never really understand someone until you consider things from their point of view-- until you crawl in their skin and walk around in it.” (39) this quote also supports the claim because of the symbolism present in the text. When atticus tells scout to crawl into their skin and walk around in it. What he really means is to see things through others point of view. To represent the meaning of do unto those as you would unto yourself. These examples not only show the symbolism but also shows the applicable life lesson, through the …show more content…
Though the language is not the best for the reader it is just another touch to the life of the novel. The perfect imperfections that make up a great piece of literature and a lively flashback of the past. If we stopped bringing this subject into the spotlight of classrooms of our students. They would lose that grasp on the literature and the role models some of us have come to adopt from this novel. We would lose the symbolism and metaphor aswell as the life lessons we come across time and time again in the novel as well as in life we could apply this not as just to keep this prize novel in our students lives. So stop playing so much of those video games or on your phone. Go outside and read more often. “A people without knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture is a tree without roots.” -Marcus

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