Quotes From Fly Away Peter

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Register to read the introduction… The first is between Jim, a casual person, compared to the upper class visitors who were preoccupied at first with not getting their expensive clothes dirty. The second contrast is the relaxing boat trip where the beautiful birds were observed, and then the gossip the visitors were saying about the imitated birds. The last contrast, but most important is the mention of the future war and the peaceful birds. These contrasts affected my feelings towards the characters and the changing setting of the novel.
This chapter charts Jim's visit to Brisbane and the effects that reality of war played on him and the rest of the community as a whole. During his stay, Jim came into contact with many individuals who had contrasting personalities. Jim's encounters were as follows:
· Swedish shop keeper - who expressed his disgust at the war that was about to begin, 'A bad business… a catastrophe. Madness."
· Patriotic young girl - who seemed overly eager about the idea of war and going to fight for one's country, 'If I was a man I'd want to be in it [War].
· Group of excited youths - Who seemed to want to celebrate the onset of
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With all the birds arriving into the area, Jim is busy observing and recording the new "refugees". After recording each breed, Jim carefully and with much precision, enters all the birds into "The Book". As a mark of the occasion, Jim presents The Book to Ashley and his wife, Julia, on their wedding day.
Explain the thoughts and feelings you had, as you read this chapter
Through this chapter, I realised the great significance of why Jim records each breed of birds. The recording of the birds gives each of them an existence in the world. Having a name for each breed allows the birds to be identified. I also felt the dedication and joy Jim has for his job: "The greater excitement was inscribing what he had seen into The Book." Another example: "Chose a good pen and the best ink; bringing to the occasion his fullest attention; concentrating…"
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It describes water as being an enemy for the soldiers as the trenches were often flooded by it and the soldiers feet began to rot standing in it for days on end. The chapter talks about the Australian soldiers having more enemies than the German's on the other side of the trenches. These enemies were not only the water that filled the trenches but the rats that occupied them as well. Dead bodies and the diseases that came from them were also a big problem for the soldiers. In this chapter the trench that Jim is in gets bombed, a young boy Eric Sawney gets both of his legs blown off and Jim's friend Clancy was killed by the incident. This event is very traumatizing for Jim who was unhurt by the incident. Jim later visits Eric in hospital, feeling guilty about the young boy having no one to look after

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