Animal Buffet Analysis

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Mr. Farmer's Animal Buffet
It was a beautiful morning this February day and Mr. Farmer, just finishing his morning cereal, was very happy to see the sunshine gleaming through the tree limbs and warming the earth below. So far it had been a cold and snowy winter. And even though he knew no friends or neighbors, he felt that on this day he would not sense that feeling of being alone because the sunshine, the swaying of the tree limbs and the small animals at play would make him feel less lonely. Maybe today Mr. Farmer would be able to join the animals and they could even become friends. So he put his chair in front of the window just to observe the sunlight that touched the window panes and his smiling face. Sitting in his chair, he waited with
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Farmer put on his pants and shirt. He put on his boots, his coat, his gloves and hat. Then excitedly he walked into the nearby woods hoping to find new friends that did not at first appear to be there. Searching for that movement of life that would make him feel no longer alone. The movement of life that might soon be the friend he did not have. That is when he saw the little squirrel walking very slowly and looking down as it moved along. Mr. Farmer noticed there was a sadness in it's face. A look of dispair as if it had given up hope of ever being happy again, a feeling that Mr. Farmer could relate to. It seemed to be looking for something. But what could the little squirrel be looking for Mr. Farmer wondered. Why did the little squirrel look so sad and so thin? After all, weren't squirrels supposed to be plump, cuddly, happy and playful? Weren't they supposed to climb high into the trees and jump from limb to limb in glee? Should they not flicker their bushy tails as they circled the trees chasing each other in play? So why, thought Mr. Farmer, are you so sad and thin little squirrel? Why little squirrel are you not playing with your playmates and enjoying the beauty that surrounds …show more content…
Farmer. So he began to walk the same path as the little squirrel so that he might get a feeling of why it appeared to be so thin and look so sad. Only then, while also looking downward, did Mr. Farmer realize why the little squirrel was so thin and so unhappy. There was no food. It had been a very dry summer and a dry summer meant no water for the tree roots. The tree roots getting no water would mean the trees would lack the nourishment to grow the acorns, hickory nuts or walnuts the animals needed to feed through the winter until the next fall harvest. No water would mean no berries for the birds and turkey. No green grass for the deer to eat. The little squirrel and surely all his animal friends, were very, very hungry and there was no food to be had. This brought tears to Mr. Farmer's eyes. This was not suppose to be on such a beautiful day or any other day. No person or any animal should suffer for lack of food he thought. He decided to follow the little squirrel and hopefully find it's home so he could return with food later that night. After the little squirrel arrived at it's home, Mr. Farmer watched it slowly climb to it's nest high in an old oak tree. Mr. Farmer then started walking to his house hoping to find enough food to last until morning. As he walked home he observed a rabbit who also seemed to be searching for something. Then a raccoon, a possum and a turkey. This was far worse than he had imagined. Forgotten at the moment were Mr. Farmer's

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