Quiznos Marketing Strategy Essay

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Quiznos Marketing Program

In this section of the plan, we will discuss the four major marketing elements of Quiznos, listed below under the sections: Product Strategy, Price Strategy, Promotion Strategy and Distribution Strategy. The report will help to gain a perspective of how the company currently operates. After each section is a suggestion area where we will outline some possible areas where the company could grow.

Product Strategy:


* Better than average fast-dine-in and on-the-go experience, refreshingly-different bold taste, the freshest ingredients, wide variety of menu features and fast service, high-quality ingredients, wallet friendly prices. * Signature Toasted Subs:
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* Traditional and Non-Traditional franchise options ranging from: traditional brick-and-mortar Quiznos restaurants, to convenience store set-ups and mall kiosk stores. * Ownership seminars hosted annually throughout the USA help established owners and new owners fast-track success with Quiznos.

Suggestions: While they offer a product loved by millions, Quiznos needs to focus on the franchise owner’s success rate, and creating a similar “good” experience at each location every time for the customer: similar to what McDonalds does.
- The company has a 25% (per SBA) failure rate for new stores, a rate high by any standard. By the way Subway has just a 7% failure rate.
- Quiznos needs to repair its relationship with franchisees because it is bad for business and customers can smell the burning bridges anytime they walk in to a failing store.
- Last year alone, the company was sued for $206 million by disgruntled Quiznos Franchise owners for violating US racketeering and corruption statutes. It’s time for Quiznos to stop playing games with ethics and start seeing franchise owners as business partners and friends. It will only be a matter of time before no-one in their right mind would invest with such a company.
- Focus on creating a “same” or similar experience every time… The McDonalds phenomenon.
- The consumer is a creature who loves familiarity and will

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