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Quiz 2 Week 4

Part 1 of 1 - 50.0 Points

Question 1 of 20 2.5 Points
Dr. Marvin Harris believes that people do cultural things for

A.primarily practical reasons

B.primarily traditional reasons

C.primarily religious reasons

D.All of the above

E.Only b and c
Answer Key: A

Question 2 of 20 2.5 Points
Muslim and Jewish dietary laws are very similar. The most likely theory is:

A.they are spiritually and doctrinally very close

B.they both arose in the same geographical area

C.they both arose in the same ecological zone

D.they are culturally very similar

E.all of the above
Answer Key: E

Question 3 of 20 2.5 Points
Most Buddhist Asians eat animal flesh, notwithstanding the
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sources of beans and nuts

E.dogs are too valuable as watchdogs

F.dogs and cats have been domesticates the longest of any animals
Answer Key: B

Question 17 of 20 2.5 Points
A person who insists that he can't have a "real birthday" without a special cake that says Happy Birthday on it is expressing:

A.a food aversion based on religious belief

B.a psychiatric disorder

C.a universal food preference

D.how family descent lines are reflected in food preferences
E.the specific meaning of the event through a specific food

F.c and d
Answer Key: E

Question 18 of 20 2.5 Points
A practical, non-religious reason why a ban on killing cattle makes sense in India is:

A.if people get used to eating beef, their food costs will go up and they will go bankrupt
B.if people kill their cows during hard times, they will lose all the secondary benefits of cow products
C.if people are allowed to kill cows, the Brahmins will take all the cows and the people will starve
D.if people are allowed to kill cows, the whole social structure of the caste system would collapse, and therefore society would collapse
Answer Key: B

Question 19 of 20 2.5 Points
Ruminants are the best domesticates because:

A.they don't cough up fur balls when they lick themselves

B.they don't have cloven hooves

C.they prefer to eat scrub foliage that humans can't eat

D.they eat oats and other quality feed, so their meat is high-quality
E.they have the best flavor

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