Social Case Study Poverty Essay

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Question 1 (6 points)
Joe is studying poverty. He comes up with the following explanations for poverty: some people are too lazy to work, some people have illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from working, some people are unwilling to ask others for help if they are in economic trouble.

a. Explain why sociologists would say that Joe is not using his sociological imagination.
a. What Joe stats may be true but he is not looking at the overall picture. Joe needs to understand what other factors may exist that have an impact. This means looking beyond what you perceive to be true and examining the problem from many different perspectives. In many cases it is not a private problem that the unemployed are facing but could be the result
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Number your answers. Separate each numbered answer into a separate paragraph. Use proper spelling and grammar.

1. Describe a primary group that you belong to (choose one that has a leader). Explain how this fits the definition of a primary group. Your answer should demonstrate that you know and understand the definition of a primary group.
a. A primary group to which I belong is my church group, this is a primary group because it is import to me to have the sense of belonging. There is mostly face to face interaction, and we all cooperate to accomplish any given task. Since we are a social group, we strive to help the community, which bring an even greater sense of accomplishment and pride in belonging.

2. Describe some aspect of the group dynamics. Your answer should demonstrate that you know and understand the definition of group dynamics.
a. I will continue to use my church group as an example for this example of group dynamics. We are all driven to help the community and this is a portion of what binds us together as a group. We excel when we are in service to the community and to our fellow members. The qualities of are leader are that of caring, compassion and understanding even in the face of

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