Quitting School Essay

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Quitting School
If there is anything that parents should be worried about is having their kid’s dropout of high school. As society changes, teenagers are influenced by their classmates or personal life to quit school. It is tragic to see young people make these harsh decisions because it damages the economy. Although there are numerous reasons why students abandon school, adolescents should worry about the negative outcomes that it generates and must encourage themselves to graduate. A majority of students drop out of high school because it was irrelevant, pursued a job, and failed classes.
First of all, several students quit high school because it became unrelated to their desires. For example, students enjoy texting and searching the internet
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Therefore, many students grow tired of these rules because it prevents them from expressing themselves by revealing their favorite clothing and decide to leave school. There have also been multiple complaints about teachers not interacting with their students. For instance,” If kids felt like their specific problems were being heard and their interests explored, so the argument goes, school would no longer feel like the boring and irrelevant institution many see it as today”(Gould and Weller). Next, a new school environment can make a person feel left out, terrorized, or depressed because they are not used to the drastic changes around new classmates and teachers. Bullying is also another reason numerous teens dropout because they no longer feel safe to study and attend classes. During some occasions, kids became exhausted of the same routine and lacked motivation to attend school. These are some of the reasons why students lose determination in school and decide to …show more content…
In addition, kids make poor decisions when it comes to getting a good career. For instance, certain adolescents have little motivation to keep on studying after high school that they decide to leave early and continue a different path in the workplace. This could lead to economic struggle in their lives because a majority of companies require high school diplomas. For instance, according to Matthew Lynch,” The poverty rate for dropouts is over twice as high as college grads, and the unemployment rate for dropouts is generally 4 percentage points higher than the national average”. Therefore, dropouts have a higher reputation to steal, sell drugs, and commit other crimes. In conclusion, multiple students vacate education to work for a

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